One Of A Kind Vintage Journal



With our product, you can make a very special and unique gift for your granddaughter, dad, or mom.

This is a very beautiful notebook for writers, poets, travelers, but it also can use as a diary or life planner.

It has an elegant design for a really classy look that will suit from adults to kids. With a portable and lightweight design, you can take it with you anywhere.

Our product has pages that can be easily refilled so you can document every beautiful and memorable moment of life.

With durable and stretchable straps to keep this life treasure closed at all times when not needed.

Each journal has a different message. The message is embossed on the cover, so it will last forever.

This journal is made from quality materials, paper, and PVC. It has 12x20cm / 4.73x7.88inches and contains 74 pages.

Online Availability - The original One Of A Kind Vintage Journal is available only online and can be purchased only at structuredshop.com.

Easy Returns - We ensure stress-free returns on all our orders. If you don't like something about it we will take it back, no questions asked.

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Limited Stock Available - Running as a family business, unfortunately, we do not have mass production. We have been definitely increasing our company members and employees but we surely have a limit.

As we get closer to Christmas, our orders increase drastically and once we reach our limit there won't be any way to order the vintage journal until we get everything together.


Q: How many pages does it contain?

A: Our Vintage Journal contains 74 pages.

Q: What size does it have?

A: Our One Of A Kind Journal has 12x20 cm / 4.73x7.88 inches.