GRANK™ - World's Most Effortless Garlic Press

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The fact that the garlic has a very strong smell is sometimes really annoying. We all hate when our hands smell like one. Besides that, pressing garlic isn't the easiest thing if you don't have the right kitchen utensil.

Our product research specialists are always looking for new little tools which can make some moments in our life much easier, pleasant and convenient. That's pretty much why we chose GRANK™. Without a doubt, it's the best, most effortless and pleasant garlic press we've ever seen.

GRANK™ was ergonomically designed with an anti-slip handle and a heavy duty 304 stainless steel mince-plate. The smart design takes advantage of your natural hand-movement and the weight of your body to crush food items. The best part is your hands will never smell like garlic again, saving your time and making your kitchen time much pleasant than ever!

Deal with garlic within seconds! GRANK™ will chop it extremely fastand with ease.Will also make the best out of your garlic - the way it is minced increase the taste of your garlic! We bet this kitchen gadget is better than your usual garlic press.

Fun Fact: For extra garlickiness, simply let your minced garlic sit 10 minutes before cooking.


  • EFFORTLESS: This is all we need. Preparing garlic with ease in just a few seconds will now be a pleasure, not a hassle. Take it as something fun, the smart design takes advantage of your natural hand-movement and the weight of your body to crush any food items. It's a piece of cake!
  • NO SMELL: Let's be honest... we all hate when our hands smell like garlic. That's why we love GRANK™. The ergonomic non-slip ABS handle it's comfortable to grip and will keep your hands away from the annoying smell.
  • TIME-SAVING: Deal with garlic within seconds! It's more fun when you finish everything fast and with ease. Why not have more time for family?
  • EASY TO WASH: When you are done playing, just run GRANK™ under the faucet or place it on the top rack in your dishwasher.

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