Limited 3D Goku Lamp





If you love Dragon Ball, we're pretty sure you already know that Goku has always aimed to push himself beyond the limits and emerge stronger than everyone that he encounters, friend or enemy. Just like a rare kid who studies so that he can study more. No matter what kind of challenge he faces, he'll eventually overcome it.

What's awesome is that the Super 3D Goku Lamp has his original attitude and style. After months and months of research and development, we've finally found the best and most special thing that can represent a truly Dragon Ball lover. We are extremely happy to introduce you to our special SUPER 3D GOKU LAMP. 

3d goku lamp


  • Super 3D Goku Lamp made in a limited edition with only 350 pieces available, from 25th May 2018;
  • Coming with 7 colors fully adjustable by Touch and Remote Control, or just by Touch;
  • Available colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, White;
  • Coming with the Automatically Color Change feature;
  • Can be used with power cable (included), or with batteries;

Made for the true fan base of Dragon Ball and Son Goku, this unique lamp has been created in limited quantity, and it has an RGB (7 colors) feature, with the special option to choose the operating method from Touch + Remote Control, or you can have only the Touch feature (details are below).

The Super 3D Goku Lamp represents the undefeatable strength of Goku, and also the amazing and unforgettable story of Dragon Ball.

It is a truly special decorative lamp that can be placed almost everywhere, in the bedroom, living room, child room, restaurants, bar & cafe, and the list goes on and on.

dragon ball z goku lamp

    To change the color one-by-one with the Touch operation, just press the button three times in a row.

    To activate the Automatically Color Changing feature, switch to the last color and then press the Touch / Remote Control button just once.


    - Choosing only the Touch operation, you will get the feature to adjust and change the colors just by touching a button from the Son Goku Lamp base.

    - Choosing the Touch + Remote Control operation, your Super 3D Goku Lamp will also come with an easy-to-use Remote Control that can customize every single feature of your precious lamp.

    IMPORTANT: When receiving the product don't forget to take off the double side protection film before start using it.


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