Universal Drone Landing Pad





When it comes about to drones we all know that they require more protection and care. Drones are precious aircraft that are also pretty expensive, and the principal reason that drones get ruined in time, is people not having care and not using them correctly.

The Universal Drone Landing Pad is a must-have on every drone owners list. Besides the unique design, the Landing Pad will actually help you in many situations, for example landing on a clean safe surface at any time. It is waterproof, foldable, high quality and it's coming with a full kit which lets you get the most out of your landing pad.

Available in 3 sizes, this landing pad is suitable for all terrains and the majority of the drones. When you take off from the landing pad and use the "return to home" feature, your drone will land easily and safely on the same spot and you don't even have to do anything about it. Because of the landing pad, the drone will have many accurate results on this feature.

drone landing pad


The sweet spot is that you can now keep your drone clean and in perfect shape. Takeoff and landing on wet grass, leaves, gravel, beach sand, and taller grass can really affect and destroy the drone in time. The gimbal calibration of a drone is an extremely important process which can be damaged very easily by everything mentioned above. That's why a flat, soft and clean surface is a must-have when it comes about to the process of takeoff.

universal drone landing pad


Installing the Drone Landing Pad is that easy as even a kid can do it. Simply place the pad on the ground (flat surface) and use the included yellow nails to secure it in windy conditions.

Our Drone Landing Pad is coming with its own carrying bag which also includes a set of fluorescent stickers, so you can apply them on your landing pad and have a much better idea when landing at night.

Drone Landing Pad


  • Universal and Portable Drone Landing Pad;
  • Available in 3 different sizes which fit 95% of the drones;
  • Coming with three nails for windy conditions, fluorescent stickers for landing at night and with its own carrying bag;
  • Created to safely protect your expensive drone from wet grass, dust, gravel, sand and many more;
  • Protects the gimbal and camera;
  • Waterproof and high-quality design;
  • Easy to use, portable, easy to carry and universal;
  • Weight: 210g, Dimensions: 21inch / 30inch / 43inch;


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