HungryFish™ - Automatic Fish Feeder

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If you are a fish owner you already know that you need to take care of the aquarium once or even twice a day... that's pretty annoying sometimes. What about going on a holiday, having a business meeting, or a camping day out?

Our team at StructuredShop is always looking for the best, most useful, and unique products from the entire market. As we love pet owners, we are extremely happy to present you our HungryFish™, the Automatic Fish Feeder which will become your best friend.

HungryFish™ has been developed in order to make everything much easier for fish owners. Just by setting up a feeding interval, HungryFish™ will feed your aquarium with just the right amount of food, so you can enjoy other activities and don't have to worry about feeding the fish every day. Good for both small and large tanks.

It's just amazing for those who are into camping, hiking, trips, holidays but not only. HungryFish™ has a pretty large capacity which supports almost all types of fish food. It also has both manual and automatic control which you can edit in order to fit any of your needs.

HungryFish™ also gives you the control to adjust the amount of food you want to dispense per rotation, so you can increase or decrease the amount depending on your fish needs. HungryFish™ can be installed conveniently in two ways according to the shape of your aquarium.

- Small particles (1.5) diets can be loaded in 70 grams, 5 grams each time, you can feed 14 times.
- Large particles (4.5) diets can be fed 40 grams, 2 grams each time, you can feed 20 times.

HungryFish™ is powered by 2 simple AAA batteries. Up to 4 feedings per day, 1/2 rotations per time. The dimensions are 11 * 11 * 7 cm / 4.3 * 4.3 * 2.8 inches.


  • AUTOMATIC: Set up the feeding interval and start enjoying more of your holidays or outdoor activities. HungryFish™ has a large capacity and supports up to 4 feedings per day;
  • ADJUSTABLE: You can control the feeding interval and even the amount of food you want to the HungryFish™ to dispense per rotation. Everything is desired to fit your needs;
  • UNIVERSAL: HungryFish™ can be installed conveniently in two ways according to the shape of your aquarium. Has been developed for both small and large tanks;
  • CONVENIENT: Supports almost all types of fish food including flakes, pellets, powders, and strips. Easy to set up, comes with instructions.


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