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Do you find it a hassle to carry multiple bags when traveling? How easy do you carry your shirt to a business meeting, with no wrinkles at all? Or maybe you have a sports event, is your bag such convenient for you?

Have you ever thought about the perfect bag for traveling, business meetings, short trips, sports events and more? Without any further ado, we introduce you the Modoker™ Duffle Bag, the only bag you will ever need!

Modoker™ is perfect for both men and women and will fit your needs for anything around traveling, overnight or weekends trips, sports events, business meetings, and more. Developed with many features such as having an anti-wrinkle garment bag, shoe compartment, dry and wet sections, plus more, the Modoker™ is also waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-tear, anti-wrinkles & anti-water splashing.

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  • ALL-IN-ONE: An easy to manage all-in-one bag for traveling, events, meetings and more. Having over 7 useful features, unlike any other bags, Modoker™ is the only duffle bag you will ever need!
  • SPACIOUS: Benefit of 45 liters / 11 gallons all in one compact bag developed to fit any of your needs for a few days.
  • SMART: Unlike any other traveling bags, Modoker™ has a very smart and powerful design, offering you many intelligent storing parts for normal clothes and objects as well as special sections for suits, dresses or shirts and for shoes.

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  • GARMENT BAG: Now you can easily take a nice ironed suit or dress with you anywhere with the special garment section of the Modoker™. Created with anti-wrinkle materials, your clothes will always stay in perfect shape for an important moment.
  • SHOE SECTION:You won't need to take your shoes separately anymore. The shoes won't be an issue anymore as you will have a separate section just for your shoes. Take up to two pairs as you will never dirt your clothes anymore.
  • WATERPROOF: Modoker™ is fully waterproof, ensuring that your items are always protected from any potential liquid coming through.
  • USEFUL FEATURES: Developed to be the only duffle bag you will ever need, Modoker™ is resistant to cuts, waterproofscratch-resistant, anti-tear, anti-wrinkle & anti-water splashing.

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Either you are planning on an overnight or weekend trip, or maybe you have a business meeting or a sports event, the Modoker™ is perfect for anything you can imagine and beyond. Probably the best value for your money when it comes to travel and duffle bags.


  • 5-Day USPS Free Shipping to the USA.
  • Created for both men and women.
  • Has a capacity of 45 liters / 11 gallons
  • Includes a garment bag, shoe special compartment, dry and wet pockets, plus necktie and passport pockets
  • Made from high-quality polyester fiberCan be taken on a plane.
  • Can fit up to three suits/dresses/shirts depending on the thickness and up to two pair of shoes.
  • The product is available for 1-Year Warranty.

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