Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

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An ultrasonic cleaner is the ideal method for cleaning and restoring delicate items, which makes jewelry a perfect ultrasonic cleaner candidate for this methodology. Day-to-day dirt and grime, oily residues and even jewelers rouge can be removed from the tiny crevices and hidden passageways of these items. This cleaning method is ideal because the equipment can be adjusted to the proper ration and frequency required to clean but not damage items. This is one of the top benefits of ultrasonic cleaning.

The ULTRASONIC JEWELRY CLEANER works wonders on jewelry, utensils, watches, eyeglasses and more other items. With only water, you can get this cleaner to push out 42.000HZ of ultrasonic waves to lift grime and dirt in a few minutes. To get even more shine in your jewelry add a little liquid hand or dish soap.


  • SAVE TIME: One of the best benefits of ultrasonic jewelry cleaners is the time you will save cleaning your jewelry, You don't need to waste time taking your jewelry to jewelry for cleaning. That can such up even more time from your busy day if you have to wait while your jewelry is cleaned or return later to pick it up. With an ultrasonic cleaner, this is not an issue. You can clean your jewelry in just a few minutes at home. While the machine is working its magic, you are free to do whatever else you need to get done during the day.
  • SAVE MONEY: Along with saving you time, ultrasonic jewelry cleaners also save you money. Depending on your budget, it may seem like a big investment at first, but using this type of cleaner will actually save you money in the long run. It is just a one-time investment as opposed to the recurring cost of having a jeweler provide the same service. The best part is these cleaners offer the same high-quality cleaning ability. In fact, many professional jewelers actually use ultrasonic cleaners in their businesses.
  • BETTER RESULTS: The most important benefit of ultrasonic cleaner is undoubtedly his ability to provide better results. He was able to clean all the hardest to reach areas of your jewelry. The ultrasonic waves produced by this machine allow them to reach every nook and cranny of even the most intricate pieces of jewelry. This is what makes ultrasonic jewelry cleaner so good ar restoring the vibrant shine of your jewelry. If your jewelry holds a lot of value or meaning to you, then it deserves the highest quality clean, and that is what this machine will provide.
  • SAFER: Ultrasonic cleaner also kills a lot of harmful bacteria that exist on your items. Other methods of cleaning jewelry require the use of heavy chemicals. These chemicals can be very hazardous to the environment when disposed of. An ultrasonic cleaner can be used with little liquid hand or dish soap.


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