Professional Lash Lifting Kit




Ladies, we all know how much we focus on that perfect style of eyelashes, and we also know how important is to have a good and extremely complex kit in order to get this thing done correctly. Just stick with us until the end.

It has taken a while until we found the perfect technique, but we are extremely happy to introduce you our Professional Lash Lifting Kit. What's magical is that our premium kit uses Silicone Pads, instead of traditional and old lash rollers. We guarantee that will be a lot easier to work with, and there will not be any more mess or damage to the eyelashes. Besides that, the Perm Lotion is a curing agent that allows the eyelash to curl natural and very beautiful, while the Silicone Lift Pads provide an excellent curling angle to fix the eyelashes.

Everything is easy to use, included in the package, pain-free, and also can be done in the comfort of your home. Spending $200 or even more for expensive salons don't look like a great idea... In fact, you can do it without hiring a high-paid "expert".

Lash Lifting Kit Eyelash Lift Extension


  • PREMIUM: Silicone Pads instead of traditional lash rollers;
  • BETTER: Perm Lotion is a fantastic curling agent;
  • QUALITY: Setting Lotion keeps your lashes perfectly curled for 6 to 8 weeks;
  • RESULTS: Silicone Pads are providing an excellent curling angle;
  • PROFESSIONAL: The Glue is made especially for the use of the silicon pads.


HOW TO USE (Instructions are also included)

  1. Use the cleanser to clean off the oil, dust and makeup residue;
  2. Apply the eye pads on the under eyelids to protect the skin from the perming lotion;
  3. Put the lift-pads on the eyelash, then apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it stick on the pads;
  4. Use the glue to set the eyelash on the lift-pads for about 1:30 minutes;
  5. Use the #1 Perm Lotion on the eyelash and then cover the plastic film for about 8-12 minutes;
  6. Use the #2 Fixing Agent on the eyelash and then cover the plastic film for another 8-12 minutes;
  7. Clean the eyelash lift-pads, then use the #3 Nutrition Lotion to nourish the eyelash;
  8. Use the #4 Cleaning Lotion to clean off all the perm residue.

lash lifting kit professional eyelash lift extension


  • Our Professional Lash Lifting Kit has gained 6 legal certificates;
  • Coming with anything you need to get started;
  • Easy to apply, easy to use, pain-free;
  • Have your dream eyelashes in only 30 minutes;
  • No need to spend $200 on expensive salons while you can do it at home;
  • Last up to 8 weeks (2 months);
  • The kit is including 5 Lift Pads (10 in total);
  • The kit is including 3 Perming Brushes;
  • Suitable for Professional Salons;
  • Instructions manual included;


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