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If you are a photographer and you are lookingĀ to step up your gameĀ andĀ to make your job or hobby much funĀ andĀ hassle-freeĀ while also being more professional, you came to the right spot.

Here at StructuredShop, we love photography and we are always trying to offer our loyal customers the best products in the market. Speaking of that, we are very happy to introduce you to ourĀ CamouflageĀ Coat Protection for Camera Lens.

Dedicated to Canon Lens but also available for Tamron,Ā Nikon, and Sigma, our Lens Coat has been developed to protect your expensive equipment while you can fully enjoy your wonderful adventure.

Being waterproof and resistant to scratches, dust, and impact, the Lens Coat will not only protect your lens but also transform you into a true adventurer by offering more professionalism and truly wild experience.

lens coat raincoat protection cover sleeves for water, dust and rain

Our Lens Coat is simple to install and remove,Ā slides on like a sleeve. Comes in different camouflage designs and it is made in the USA. Making you less noticeable to the wildlife while also offering full protection to your lens and giving you a truly unique experience. Your lens will also remain in perfect shape for a good resell value.


  • PROTECTION: Our Lens Coat has been developed to protect your expensive equipment fromĀ bumps, dings, nicks, impact, scratches, dust, water, sand, plus many more. Your lens will remain in perfect shape for a good resell value;
  • EXPERIENCE: Not only will protect your lens but will also make you less noticeable to the wildlife while offering you a truly unique experience;
  • CONVENIENCE: The Lens Coat is simple to install and remove, slides on like a sleeve. The neoprene material acts as a thermal barrier protecting your lens from hot and cold;

For any questions feel free to contact us at info@structuredshop.com.

wildlife photography photographer with telephoto lensĀ 


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