High-Quality Portable Kayak Sail Kit


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If you are interested in any kind of sport on the water, then this might be the best choice for you. Water sports are always giving us a fun time, and there is nothing the same as taking this to a whole new level.

In the last couple of months, our developers aimed to find a multi-functional and unique product, which can also combineĀ useful with pleasure at the same time. It was a pretty long way but totally worthwhile, because now we are proud to present you our Portable Kayak Sail Kit.

Our Kayak Sail is fun but extremely useful andĀ gives you more power to help you in lighter winds, and a flattering cut that allows for a more stable sail and easier across-the-wind sailing. What could be awesome than better control, way more power, stability, and speed? We all know the answer...

kayak sail kit


  • Portable Kayak Sail Kit;
  • CombinesĀ useful with pleasure at the same time;
  • Completely safe, easy to use and foldable;
  • Fantastic design, gives you more power, control, stability, and speed;
  • Coming with its own storageĀ bag;
  • Can be used in multiple situations;
  • Can reach of the wind up to a 180-degree angle or more;
  • Free ShippingĀ is available for this product.

professional kayak portable sail kit

Not only that, but our Kayak Sail can be used in multiple situations, the first one being obviouslyĀ kayaking. Our customers seem to use it in way more other situations, as an example for windsurfing,Ā canoeing, fishing on water, paddleboarding, and a lot more.

Our Kayak Sail can be set up for instant self-launching, either before sailing or while out on the water, so thereā€™s no need to return to shore to launch your sail. Safety is the most important thing to have in mind while having fun, so we've designed our Kayak Sail to put the center of force down low, at about the same level as the paddler, making the boat/sail combination incredibly stable and easy-to-use. Is also including a big and clear window which makes the navigation was much easier!


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