Portable Reading Night Light





When it comes to reading books, there are a lot of options to choose from... But we all know that the real secret to reading more is not speed reading. To read more, you just have to fall in love with reading. You just have to surround yourself with some crazy and beautiful emotions by reading about something that you actually love, whether it's a classic one or a best-seller, or maybe it's a book about someone or something that you look up to.

So, we can all agree that the reading experience has to be engaging and very unique. In the last couple of months, our expert team in Product Research has been looking for something that will change forever the reading experience, making everything much special effortless, and truly fantastic. We are extremely happy to introduce you our Portable Reading Night Light, your little buddy which will drastically change your vision about reading.

We are talking to the true reading lovers, those who turned reading into a real lifestyle and who think outside the box. The Reading Night Light will be your perfect companion when reading at night or in low-light places, helping you achieve whatever you want, at any time that you want. A true game-changer that will always keep you ahead in front of anyone else.

clip on reading light for bed


  • Portable and convenient Reading Night Light;
  • Voted as the #1 must-have product for reading lovers in 2018;
  • Coming with 4 levels of brightness and with the best 6000k light color temperature;
  • No needs for batteries or extra cables, coming with its own built-in USB connection;
  • Can be charged to the fullest in only 30 minutes and then ready to serve more than 48 hours of unique and fantastic reading experience;
  • Shows a red light while charging and can be also used within the process;
  • Can get easily charged by your laptop, power back or by any power supply that it's supporting USB connection;
  • Free Shipping is available for this product;

reading night light for bed clip on books

The Portable Reading Light simply attaches to your book, offering you an effortless and unique reading experience at any time of the day. It is completely portable and very friendly to use. We made sure that it's the newest and greatest night light of the all by adding 4 levels of brightness plus a nice adjustable design. It is also using the best and most friendly light color temperature 6000K, which has shown the greatest results at night reading.

Thanks to its convenient and portable design, the Reading Night Light can get easily charged by USB, whether you are using your laptop, power bank, or a power supply. There won't be any need for extra batteries or cables. Charge it to the fullest in only 30 minutes and then you will have 48 hours of a continuous truly amazing experience during the night time. An amazing buddy and product to have around, especially for traveling, reading in the train, airplane or car, or just for low light situations.

reading light for books with 4 levels of brightness

When reading, the Portable Night Light can be also used as a nice little bookmark. It is very flexible and gives you a lot of options. Besides that, the Night Light is an amazing product for those who spend time working on the computer at night hours. Using the 4 levels of brightness, you will instantly light the keyboard, making everything much convenient and game-changing.

Voted as the #1 must-have product for reading lovers in 2018. It's time to step up your game and discover a new and truly unique experience of the night reading. Never have issues in low light situations ever again.


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